Hi Barry

On 5/21/12 17:25 , Barry Quiel wrote:
I'm trying to upgrade my CentOS 6 box from 3.1.0 to 3.3.2 using packages 
from packetfence.org.

Going through the UPGRADE doc I apply 2 database schema updates do a yum 
reinstall packetfence-freeradius2.  I then run install.pl.  Everything 
to this point is fine.  When I run configurator.pl it recognizes that 
its an upgrade, but at the end it spits out an empty pf.conf and 
After an upgrade process, it is not mandatory to use installer.pl neither configurator.pl.
Every changes that need to be taken care of are well documented in the UPGRADE document.
It's usually consist of a few database schema updates, new/removed/modified config parameters.

We no longer maintain the configurator.pl script for the upgrade process. We are currently working on a new web-based installer/configurator
that will handle upgrade processes.

A search for "empty pf.conf" on the mail archives comes back with nothing.

A search for "empty pf.conf" on the bug tracker comes back with #579 
which looks unrelated.

Even if I remove pf.conf and networks.conf to make configurator.pl think 
it is a new install and not an upgrade it still creates empty files.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

What I can suggest you would be to use the old config files (the ones before you use the configurator.pl script).
If you didn't backup those, the script should have done this for you. You should have pf.conf.old and networks.conf.old.
Remove the .old extensions and make sure you go through the UPGRADE document to apply the correct changes.

Don't hesitate to reply in case of any other problems.

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