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2.0.8 has been released!!

A new version has been officially released! This has been the BIGGEST update for PabloDraw ever! (check the change logs!)

Major things changed include:
- Massive Re-working of multi-user code, makes it faster, and not buggy!
- Added ESC Quick Pallete and Alt+A attribute select dialog (multi-purpose)
- File Backups & Multi-user autosave
- And LOTS of other fixes & additions!

Check it out! It's tight!

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2004-07-05

PabloDraw 2.0.7 done!

Downloadz0r now. It will rule. yum.

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2003-12-29

Pablo released with full source!

The last installment of this version of pablodraw has been released! Until now, everyone has been using an unreleased 'build 27'. This is newer! It has some additional features and functions that were missing, and should be faster for multi-draw (it compresses the stream to ansi). I've also included source, which was compiled in VS.NET 2003. You may be able to get it to compile in VS.NET 2002, or VC++ 6.0, but you will have to make the project files yourself. (:... read more

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2003-08-27

NEW!!! PabloDraw - the future

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop a line to let you know what's going on (or not going on)..
There IS a newer version of pablo that supports 100 levels of UNDO, and some minor fixes.. HOWEVER, to be honest, I really don't think the current source tree will do. It uses MFC, threading, and sockets.. all of which have major problems with eachother.

My solution is this: Re-create pablo using .net (.net is kinda like java, but I can use any programming language, and it's faster). This won't take long (ansi is not rocket science).. plus I'm looking to make the multi-user support BULLETPROOF. Since this is from a clean slate, I will be re-visiting things as I implement them. If you have any feature requests, do so in the TRACKER section of this site!... read more

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2003-03-20

It's coming!

Just to let everyone know that I've been working long and hard to get all the features of other ansi editors into PabloDraw (and fix bugs). The next official release is coming within a week, so look out!


Posted by Curtis Wensley 2002-05-05

Version 2.0.5 now released! Download NOW

Finally I spent a day working on pablo! Check the release notes to find out what's new!

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2002-02-11

Chat Interface is now done!

Just a little update - I've finished the chat interface.. no user list yet, but this should suffice for now.. Next, i work on block selection, and all of the other nifty editing commands that are missing..

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2001-11-28

Version 2.0.3 released! Download now!

This new version MAY not work correctly! I'm using MFC7.0... i will assume that it works unless someone tells me! (;

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2001-11-08


I've now implemented colour selection via mouse.. whee! Next, character sets. email me if you want to test out the colourz.

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2001-10-26

Leaving for 2 weeks

I'll be out of the country for a couple of weeks as of Oct 8th, so don't expect anything to be done in this time! (:


Posted by Curtis Wensley 2001-10-04

2.0.2 now released!

Download your copy today! Saving/Loading, Halfies, and numerous bug fixes. Submit your bugs via web!

Note: client/server not compatible with original version.

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2001-09-24

Saving & Loading now done!

I Have now implemented .ans saving and loading into pablodraw-win! I'll be making this available HERE very soon!!

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2001-09-19

Opensouce?! NAW!!!

PabloDraw for windows is now Open Source! that means anyone and everyone can make additions to this puppy! yay

Posted by Curtis Wensley 2001-08-26

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