• Nobody/Anonymous

    How do I turn on blinking for a character ?

    I can cut paste ones that are already there.
    But can not grab one and change characters
    and keep the blinking.

    Nor can I cut/paste between another pablo window.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I figured it out ...
      For those wanting to know ...

      Use the right mouse button to select the color
      for background (left most bottom black)

      With blinking on , it works for me :)

      Now if I can figure a way to cut/paste between 2 sessions.

      I'm sure glad there is a place to ask these questions


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I found u can make chars blink by using samd colors on fronyt and back

      • Curtis Wensley

        Curtis Wensley - 2009-06-29

        With iCE Colors turned off, all characters will blink when they have the light background color(s).  (the bottom ones in the color picker).

    • Curtis Wensley

      Curtis Wensley - 2009-06-30

      which means with iCE Colors turned ON, the background colors will be the bright colors..  (;


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