Code replacing spaces o.O

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hey, excellent app, congrats to the author. Got only one question.. why the heck are spaces being replaced by funny code on saved files? Tried everything and just keeps doing that, ruining the art when I open the file outside PD.

    Eg: if I type 10 spaces followed by 'abc', this is what's saved:
    (note the '10' indicating the number of spaces as if compressing)

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


    • Curtis Wensley

      Curtis Wensley - 2006-02-05

      Hi Shinoda,

      This is because files are saved in ANSI format by default.  Those codes are used to specify colour, spacing, etc.

      If you want to save a plain-text file with no colour, give the file name a .txt or .asc extension.  You can change it to whatever you want afterwards.  If you want colour, you will have to save as ANSI or BIN, and use a program that is capable of reading these files (there are numerous, including Acid View 6 and PabloView)


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Doh lol

      Problem was I just selected the file type from the dropdown in the save dialog, not actually typing an extension.

      Thanks a bunch, works fine now. :D

      Keep up the good work!


      • Curtis Wensley

        Curtis Wensley - 2006-02-06

        yeah, that's a known 'problem'..  It would have been better for the drop down to force the format. 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I was going nuts trying to figure out how to prevent that from happening, and I found the answer in this thread. Thank You.


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