• Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello. I have one problem with PabloDraw. Then I trying to open picture with width more than 80, PabloDraw compress it to 80 on a wide. I found set width option, but then I inrease witdh, picture still stay in comressed variant. Is there any possibility to open wide pictures correct?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I need this info too… Badly. I mean it's a useless feature if it defaults the width on reopening… There must be a way to do it! Help us someone pls… *looks at the date* Oh, no help in five months… Guess I'll go fing another program.

  • Curtis Wensley

    Curtis Wensley - 2009-10-01

    Unfortunately, there is no way to save the width along with any of the supported files. .BIN has no width data, but is typically used to save files that have a larger width than 80 characters.. .ANS also does not save any width data, so you're out of luck there too..
    Either would have to be a proprietary file format to save in, or possibly adding proprietary info to .ANS files..

  • Julio Sepia

    Julio Sepia - 2010-04-22

    What about scanning the entire file and using the width of the longest line as the canvas width?

  • Curtis Wensley

    Curtis Wensley - 2010-05-01

    Sorry, can't happen.. lots of ansi editors don't add a carriage return if the line is 80 characters wide exactly.. (note, this is why lots of artists only drew 79 characters wide and leave the 80th blank, because some editors did this incorrectly).

    This is 'moot' these days, unless you want to use your art on a terminal session - it will wrap at 80, and if there's a carriage return as well you'll see a lot of blank lines inserted..


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