• Nobody/Anonymous


    Please give us a suitable version for linux/unix ... is there one available?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Currently, I'm working on a .NET version that will run in mono (www.go-mono.com) using GTK#. 

      In the meantime, you can use pablodraw in wine..  the only thing that doesn't work is the chat pane (since it is an Rich Edit control, which wine doesn't support yet).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yeah , a linux version will be great .... btw Eto , this rocks ! can get enuff of it ;]

      • Curtis Wensley

        Curtis Wensley - 2004-12-31

        Glad to hear you like it!   I was just working on the next-gen version the other day (finally).  I havn't worked on it much in the last few months at all.

        Oh, also.. the chat (and everything else) should work perfectly in linux now (using wine) with 2.0.8 (build 70).  If you have DGA enabled in wine, it should go pretty fast too.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i wrote an nfo editor that supports my drawing tablet using qt4.  the tablet code coudl be ported to X11, since linuxwacom offers code on how to use the wacom from xlib function calls.  i could send you the code if you want.. i can't release it because my name is on too many nfo's and to sit around on irc from a zombie botnet to protect my identity is not my thing. 


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