Where can i find 80x50, 80x25 fonts?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it possible to use the 80x50 and 80x25 fonts in other applications instead of PabloDraw?
    I only could find these nasty Lucidia Console and other rasterized fonts, which aren't looking like the "original" ASCII fonts.
    Are these fonts, used by PabloDraw, inside PabloDraw, or are these system fonts?
    Greets, Christoph

    • Curtis Wensley

      Curtis Wensley - 2007-12-20

      The fonts are in the source code, res\font8x8.fnt, and res\font8x16.fnt.  They were originally retrieved as a dump from the BIOS of an older computer (i think it was a pentium or even a 386).

      Note that these are not windows fonts at all, and can't be used in any windows program.  PabloDraw draws the screen pixel by pixel, which is why windows ansi editors are hard to come by.

      That isn't to say that it's impossible to have a windows font with the same characters as these, but you won't get the same results wrt background/foreground colours for each character, if you're trying to show ansi in a normal windows app.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Anyway, i found a little solution, to use the oldschool ASCII Font for DTP Applications. (Photoshop, InDesign, Quark)


      Some German guy copied the font pixel by pixel into an .fon file.
      I'm on to export that file to an Opentype Bitmap font.

      Do you know something about the author of these BIOS fonts?
      Where could i find information about him?

      I'm making an little magazine, with a homage to these fonts.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Do you have any idea how i could get the file font8x16.fnt out of a bios?

      • Curtis Wensley

        Curtis Wensley - 2008-01-18

        Well, you can write a DOS program that grabs it out of a specific area of the BIOS.

        Alternatively, grab the source for PabloDraw (available on this site), which has this file.

        Remember, these aren't font files you can use in windows.. it is a direct dump of what the BIOS uses to display characters in DOS mode.



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