#16 Incorrect path ref to docs in man pages

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When using the last ($DEST_DIR) argument to install.sh to install the p7zip package in a temporary directory tree for the purpose of packaging, the path to the temporary directory tree is prefixed to the paths to the HTML documentation referenced in the manual pages. That means these paths are invalid when the package is then installed in the main tree. The attached patch to install.sh fixes this issue so that the man pages contain the correct paths.


  • Martijn Dekker

    Martijn Dekker - 2008-01-31

    fixes path to HTML docs referenced in man pages

  • my space

    my space - 2008-02-06

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    Thank you for supporting p7zip.

    I don't plan to keep your patch because your patch breaks the following rule :

    ./install.sh "${DEST_HOME}/bin" "${DEST_HOME}/lib/p7zip" "${DEST_HOME}/man" "${DEST_HOME}/share/doc/p7zip"
    ./install.sh "bin" "lib/p7zip" "man" "share/doc/p7zip" "${DEST_HOME}/"
    shall install the sames files (filenames and data) in the same paths.

  • my space

    my space - 2008-02-06
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