Where to find p7zip 7zFM ?

  • zcnnbb

    zcnnbb - 2012-08-23

    I know arch package p7zip have 7zFM, but I am using Ubuntu, whose p7zip package doesn't contain gui.

    The I try to compile it from source. However after downloading the latest source code of p7zip, I didn't find any "7zFM" module.

    Where to find 7zFM of p7zip?

  • my p7zip

    my p7zip - 2012-08-24

    I did not provide  7zFM binaries because 7zFM is in alpha stage.

    If you want to compile 7zFM :

    cp  makefile.linux_x86_asm_gcc_4.X   make.machine       (if you have a Linux 32 bits)
    cp  makefile.linux_amd64_asm    make.machine       (if you have a Linux 64 bits)

    make all4

    you will find 7zFM in the bin directory created in the source directory.

  • lucbertz

    lucbertz - 2018-01-16

    Is 7zFM still in alpha stage? Is it supporting VDI and QCOW2 formats?
    Otherwise are VDI and QCOW2 supported by p7zip-full debian package at least in terminal cli?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2018-01-16

    7-Zip engine (7z.dll or 7z.so) extracts from VDI and QCOW2.
    7zFM is just client app for that engine.
    7z.exe is clonsole client.
    But 7zFM can be useful, if you want to open some VDI/QCOW2 without temp files.

  • lucbertz

    lucbertz - 2018-01-18

    I updated p7zip-full from 9,20 to 16.02 in ubuntu. Even if I'm interested in a single file, do I have to extract the whole image from VDI and, in a second step, extract files from the image?
    Is there a terminal command I can use to workaround this?
    Thank you for your support.

    Last edit: lucbertz 2018-01-18
  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2018-01-19

    Yes, nested open operations are supported only in 7-Zip FM now.


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