create .7z file in java

  • Feras

    Feras - 2009-01-06


    I would like to ask if there is a library or a way to create .7z files in java?

    as you know java is multi platform ?

    thanks All...

    • my space

      my space - 2009-01-10

      > I would like to ask if there is a library or a way to create .7z files in java?

      I don't know any of it.

      Remark :
      J7zip can only List/Test/Extract files from 7z archives.
      I don't have time to add 7z building in J7Zip.

      Remark : J7zip is (at least) twice lower than the C++ version.
      As creating 7z archive can be very long, I'm not sure if spending
      the time in a java code is a code idea...   

    • blr

      blr - 2009-03-22


      it's unhappy!

      Of course, java version is lower than the c++ version but  peharps the java community will interest ?

    • blr

      blr - 2009-03-22

      Some measures (average of 3 measures) on my computer  Vista :
      - 7zip (64bits) one thread
      - java lzma (java 6 update 12)
      The file is my Thumderbird Inbox message (size  : 475795666  bytes)

      Option                         Time                    %

      7Z very fast                  2m                      70.14
      7Z fast                          2m                      67.86
      7Z normal                     3m                      52.70
      7Z maximum                 4m                      52.27
      7Z ultra                         4m                      46.96

      Java LZMA -d=28         13m                     47.21
      Java LZMA -d=27         12m                     47.12
      Java LZMA -d=23           8m                     56.20
      Java LZMA -d=20           6m                     63.97
      Java LZMA -d=10           3m                     68.76
      Java LZMA -d=5             2m                     71.11

  • Anonymous - 2012-02-20

    The 7z Library for Java can be found here:



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