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p6spy -- development restarted

Hi there --

Frank Quatro has granted me permission to work on p6spy. I will be working to bring the p6spy code up to java 1.6

As always with any open-source project... patches are encouraged!

Posted by Pat 2009-03-13

P6Spy now using Subversion

As of March 13, 2009 P6Spy source code has been imported into Subversion and all future releases will be built from the Subversion repository. The CVS repository will no longer be used for the development of future releases. Thanks to Patrick Moore for leading this effort. Expect the Subversion code to be in-flux as Patrick is changing the build process to use Maven and committing bug fixes.

Best Regards,
Frank Quatro

Posted by Frank Quatro 2009-03-13

Version 1.3 of p6spy released

I've just put up the file for the latest version of p6spy. We've implemented a subclassing utility to try to get around the DataSource issue as well as fixed a few bugs. Please check my (rather hasty) release notes for further details.

Posted by Alan Arvesen 2003-12-01

p6spy 1.0 has been released!

Emerging from a 6 month beta cycle, P6Spy 1.0 production is a major overhaul of P6Spy and includes both a complete rewrite of the driver architecutre and many new, highly requested features such as support for JDK 1.4, DataSources, log4j, JBoss 3.x, and WebSphere.

Posted by Jeff Goke 2003-02-01

preparing for production release

we've changed TROVE status to production/stable in preparation for the 1.0 release due 1/31/03

Posted by Jeff Goke 2003-01-22

beta1 release tagged

The current code base (as of apprx. 12/1/2002) has been tagged as beta1 and should be stable and releasable.

For beta2, I've put in these three major pieces:

1) an appender type architecture for logging. To extend logging, you just need to create an object the implements the P6Logger interface.
2) stronger use of the factories to reduce the amount of code necessary to add a module. Now, you just create a factory that extends P6CoreFactory and implement the (few) classes you need for your particular application. See the sample directory.
3) jdk 1.4 support. This was a submitted patch; I'll tell you who submitted it whenever Jeff gets around to answering his email.... read more

Posted by Alan Arvesen 2002-12-09

p6spy is now open source

P6Spy is now open source! Visit the p6spy homepage at http://www.p6spy.com for more details and to download the latest release.

Posted by Jeff Goke 2002-04-06