jdk1.5 Support

  • Mahesh

    Mahesh - 2008-02-13

    First of all, i would like to appreciate such an open source initiative. I tried configuring the p6Spy under Weblogic 8.1 (jdk1.4 based). it worked fine.

    Now i am tring to configure it with IBM Websphere6.1 (jdk1.5 based) and oracle 10g ojdbc14.jar (oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver). it is saying

               "DSRA8101E: DataSource class cannot be used as one-phase"

    I understand that currently p6spy works only with jdk1.4 and not jdk1.5 or later.
    Please advice.


    • Ralph Harnden

      Ralph Harnden - 2009-03-06

      I have ported it to websphere 6.1 and added additional features.  Let me know if you want it.  I have given it to others who were successful.

      • Pat

        Pat - 2009-03-06

        I am doing a refresh of p6spy ... I am planning on creating another sf project if I have to but I would like to roll as many changes as needed into the new p6spy code. are you up for helping?

        • Ralph Harnden

          Ralph Harnden - 2009-03-06

          I will be happy to help in any way I can, with what time I have available.  I may be able to invest 10 hrs. per week. 

          Let me know what you need.


          • Pat

            Pat - 2009-03-07

            Sent email to the admins on this project ... lets see if there is a response. So far there have been 3 of 5 email bounces.

            If no response in a few days I will see about forking and setting up a p6spy derived project.

          • Pat

            Pat - 2009-03-13

            svn repo now has current version of code ( still needs some more build work ) but its a starting point...

            send me patch files!

  • Pat

    Pat - 2010-12-29

    Hi there -

    Sorry for the late response. I think I am the only one who has recently done anything with p6spy. I got some basic access to this project from the only original developer I could reach. Unfortunately, not full project admin access. So I have moved over to github for further development.

    You are welcome to help out there by forking and then sending me a pull request.

    Further development at : https://github.com/patmoore/p6spy


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