Tomcat5+p6spy: property file not found

  • Steven

    Steven - 2006-05-21


    I have problem getting p6spy to work with Tomcat 5.0 in windows XP.

    Actually I have exatcly same problem than this post describes:

    I really have in my CLASSPATH, but anyway I receive error:

    Unable to instantiate driver class com.p6spy.engine.spy.P6SpyDriver.
    java.lang.InstantiationException: not found in classpath at com.p6spy.engine.spy.P6SpyDriverCore.<init>( at com.p6spy.engine.spy.P6SpyDriver.<init>(

    I've been trying to specify p6.home-setting, like installation guide tells:
    but after Tomcat 4.0, settings is according to Tomcat documentation CATALINA_OPTS, not TOMCAT_OPTS like p6spy intallation says.

    But when I specify CATALINA_OPTS environment variable, Tomcat does not even start anymore.

    I really don't understand why Tomcat does not find properties file.

    Where's the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter

      Hi, guys. Take a long time since I tried to put P6Spy running with SQL Profiler under Tomcat. What I did? I did put p6spy and all other needed libraries (I don't remember what) under $TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib. I did put on bin directory for Tomcat. The only problem I got that I could not use SQL Profiler whas P6Spy has no permission to start a network connection (through Log4J) when running under tomcat, and this forbidden loading the class - this gives the "error loading jdbc driver". Then I give it up, rewrote p6Spy to put everything on System.err without Log4J, and got my own solution.

    • Pedro ML

      Pedro ML - 2008-09-24

      Hi Everyone,

      I have been trying to start p6spy on tomcat 5.5 and on tomcat 6.0 and nothing. I get the message " not found in classpath".

      I have put the in all of tomcat directories and nothing! :-(

      I have configured the CLASSPATH environment variable  and nothing! :-((

      I have used the TOMCAT_OPS environment variable and nothing! :-(((

      And I am about to throw in the towel but I would like to ask us this question:

      Do anybody configure p6spy with tomcat 5.5 o superior and could send me a help for my problems?

      Thank in advance.

    • Pat

      Pat - 2009-03-13

      we just use p6spy bundled with the war ... works fine.

  • Pat

    Pat - 2010-12-29

    Hi there -

    Sorry for the late response. I think I am the only one who has recently done anything with p6spy. I got some basic access to this project from the only original developer I could reach. Unfortunately, not full project admin access. So I have moved over to github for further development.

    You are welcome to help out there by forking and then sending me a pull request.

    Further development at :


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