no spy.log for JBoss 4 and Hibernate

  • andrewdc

    andrewdc - 2010-07-28


    I am new to p6spy and I am trying to get it to work under JBoss 4 and Hibernate. I was following the documentation for "JBoss 3.x" in

    Below is my mysql-ds.xml:


    My only has one change:
    # mysql Connector/J driver

    After I restarted JBoss after dropping p6spy.jar in <JBoss-Server-Dir>/lib, and run some queries through Hibernate,
    I wasn't able to find spy.log anywhere even I searched my entire harddrive. I have also tried changing to use appender=com.p6spy.engine.logging.appender.StdoutLogger, but nothing was written to console either.

    Any hint or tip is appreciated.

  • Pat

    Pat - 2010-12-28

    sorry … forgot to set my monitoring on this…

    The code is ow over on github if you figured out your problem and have a patch would appreciate the fork + pull request!


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