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no spy.log created in Tomcat

  • Darren Wright

    Darren Wright - 2005-10-03

    Hi, I'm running jakarta-tomcat-4.1.29 and after changing the class.forname the servlet works fine, but, the spy.log is not getting created, nor getting any errors. I've done a search for the file and it does not exist on the system.

    Have added to the Catalina.bat:

    set CATALINA_OPTS=%CATALINA_OPTS% -Dp6.home=C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.1.29\webapps\myapp\WEB-INF\lib

    The class.forname is set as follows:


  • BunakovM

    BunakovM - 2009-10-08

    I am trying to use p6spy for Tomcat 6 for logging **sql**, also.

    1. I am copy **p6spy.jar to Tomcat/lib**,
    2. and copy ** to WEB-INF/classes**,
    3. then modify xml-config file of application to use P6SpyDriver
    4. and Modify the realdriver line in the ****

    I am don't edited TOMCATOPTS environment variable follows:
    *SET TOMCAT_OPTS=-Dp6.home=C:\jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1\webapps\p6\WEB-INF\lib*
    may be in this mistake!

    After this my application i work, but the log-file don't created.

    Help please

  • Pat

    Pat - 2010-12-28

    Hi there -

    Sorry for the late response. I think I am the only one who has recently done anything with p6spy. I got some basic access to this project from the only original developer I could reach. Unfortunately, not full project admin access. So I have moved over to github for further development.

    You are welcome to help out there by forking and then sending me a pull request.


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