• Paulo Augusto da Silva Junior

    I've recently started using p4a and I'm not sure about something.
    Does it handles tables and records locks?

    For example, If I am editing 1 record and another person tries to edit it too, will both be able to do so?

    Is the locking procedure just in the database level?


  • Fabrizio Balliano

    at the moment p4a doesn't hanlde DB locks, I'd really like that feature to be implemented so please tell me what you would like to see and let's start a discussion about this. this way we could code the right way for everyone's needs :)

  • Paulo Augusto da Silva Junior

    Well… I could say that, at the momment, what I am looking for is something like:
    1- User 1 enters transaction products catalogue
    2- User 1 starts editing product xxxx
    3- User 2 enters the same transaction (products catalogue)
    4- User 2 tries to edit the same product xxxx
    5- User 2 receives an error message saying somebody else is editing it.
    6- User 2 will only be able to edit it when User 1 is not editing the record anymore, and he would actually have to refresh the screen.

  • Paulo Augusto da Silva Junior

    It isn't actually a db lock handling. but more a own p4a lock handling. Just not to let multiple users edit the same records and consequently overwrite each other's updates.

  • Anonymous - 2010-06-08

    another suggestion:
    if values at object (getValue()) is not equal with at table record during saverow(), dont continue saverow and notify user with record is updated before his update. something like that…


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