#14 Data path forgotten when selecting different output dir


When the data directory is set with the environment variable p3d_data_path, and one selects "Option"->Select a different output directory", the initial (input) data path is set to the new output data path.


  • p2w

    p2w - 2010-02-05

    I don't really follow: how did you notice this and why does it bother you?

  • Ole Streicher

    Ole Streicher - 2010-02-05

    My usual way is:
    - use a separate dir for raw input files
    - set this dir with p3_data_path
    - start p3d
    - set the output dir (somewhere different)
    - now the original data path is lost.

    It bothers me especially if they are on completely different paths since I have to navigate through the whole file system.

  • Christer Sandin

    Christer Sandin - 2012-12-05

    This is actually more of a feature. This might be changed, in the future.

  • Christer Sandin

    Christer Sandin - 2012-12-05
    • status: open --> closed-fixed