Filtering special files or folders

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How can I filter a path, a file or an url containing special phrases, so that it not will be added to the index?
    For example I want to crawl the site

    and want to exclude:
    - the complete Folder
    - and url which contain:
    * sendit *

    • netzgoetter

      netzgoetter - 2006-02-17

      I have the same questions.

      How can I configure it?

    • Darin Kuntze

      Darin Kuntze - 2006-02-24

      Oxyus uses regex to specify which content is indexed. The config file is located WEB-INF/conf/initial_pages.conf.

      • netzgoetter

        netzgoetter - 2006-02-24

        I understood so far that the initial_pages.conf is used for the defintion of the start crawl url.

        What is the syntax for an entry in initial_pages.conf to filter some urls.


        Starts the crawl at that point. How can I exclude for example urls that contain the folder cgi?


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