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it seems that there was something wrong with the 0.67 archive zip. i've re-uploaded a new version (v0.68a) which has nothing new but should work.

Posted by Chris Kim 2001-10-23

0.67 released

fixed the little bug that made the info display work incorrectly.

Posted by Chris Kim 2001-06-29

0.66 released

this is probably the last "gui" release in a bit. as it is now, it is much more convenient to edit the source dlls and just submit them, as the original 48k! js_debug.dll engine core has been split up into 6 logical files.

i'll be releasing updates in the engine. note that all updates should also include the in_debug.dll with updated version and notes (they're pretty self-explanatory in use)

Posted by Chris Kim 2001-04-02


i realize the engine core (js_debug.dll) is gigantic. i will be splitting up the engine into its seperate parts (ie,ntscp,vardetect etc.) and into seperate files. however, it's impossible to have embedded <script src = foo2> <script src = foo> one after the other, so i'll have to release a quick fix of the gui with these new linkages before i can begin to just release the engine core. (note - the dlls aren't really compiled dlls, they can be opened in notepad)

Posted by Chris Kim 2001-04-02

0.65 released

oxvip 0.65 has been released. this release is only the introduction of the new open source GNU GPL license, and it also has a brand spanking new gui.

Posted by Chris Kim 2001-04-02

homepage's splash page uploaded

haven't yet made the main files.

Posted by Chris Kim 2001-04-01