#2 flam3-genome sequence


I may have missed some functionality in Oxidizer that does this already,
in which case ignore the following.

Extended interface to flam3-genome.

One thing I lack is the "sequence" functionality to generate a loop on a
single genome, which can then be animated. The command line
equivalent is:

env sequence=A.flame nframes=200 flam3-genome > A_anim.flame

The input is a single genome (at e.g. time="0"), and the output is the
same genome at 200 time steps that rotates its parameters to make a
loop. If this were to be implemented in Oxidizer, it follows that a few
other adjustments also suggest themselves:

1) while the output genome can be saved to a single file, in the Main
genome table all 200 frames will be displayed as separate genomes.
These probably need to be virtually organized into some sort of folder, so
as not to graphically flood the main table - especially if this loop is only
one part in a longer sequence, featuring other loops or transitions.

2) it might also be useful to have an option to _not_ automatically
generate previews for all the frames of the sequence, but maybe just one
for the "folder" containing the sequence.


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