To increase the maximum size of the the heap, you need to use -Xmx<size>

You might also try using Hermit instead of Pellet ( ) - that may or may not use less resources.


On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 4:03 PM, Paulo Picota <> wrote:
hello friends, 
first of all, im a little new to working with OWLapi ontologies and reasoners, second Thanks for your time! 

I have been looking arroung for some time now about this Java Heap Space error. It appears to be very common but i havent been able to work arround it. 

Im using the OWLapi 3.4.1 with Pellet 2.3.0  on my netbeans 64bit machine (my personal laptop that is) and I got a kind of large ontology 30k logical axioms in 9k individuals. 

I have been reading and searching and I came across this:

from that list, i did try to increase the memory -Xms3072m  but didnt work. =( 

the second option sounds promising but I really dont know how to separate my ontology into different graphs.

Q: How can I do "the break your data into separated named graphs " thing?? 

Q2: is there a better way to work arround the java heap Space error?? 

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