#323 Wrong assumption parsing subPropertyOf


When OWLAPI sees A is subPropertyOf of B, by default, it assumes both A and B are AnotationProperty if A and B is not declared. This is a wrong assumption.

I have attached a testing file. Use OWLAPI to open it and save as a new file. Now, move line 9 to the end and use OWLAPI to open it and save as an another file. By comparing the two saved files, you will notice the difference.


  • Allen

    Allen - 2012-04-26
  • Ignazio Palmisano

    The scourge of RDF/XML and missing declarations.

    The specs say that subpropertyof appears as property in a triple when both sides are OPE, DPE, or APE - not that one side can be inferred to be the same once one side is declared. This is because other declarations could disagree - e.g., in importing ontologies. In such a scenario, inferring types has led to all kinds of complications in the past. Assuming undeclared properties are annotation properties is not the best solution, but RDF/XML does not force entity declarations in the syntax and this leads to these unnecessary complications. Other syntaxes do not suffer from such an issue, but unfortunately they are not the standard.

  • Ignazio Palmisano

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  • Ignazio Palmisano

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  • Ignazio Palmisano

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