#20 owfs does not work with mount.fuse

owfs (18)

It would be nice if owfs worked with mount.fuse, so
that owfs entries could be placed in /etc/fstab or the
automounter. However, owfs barfs on the -o option,
which it seems that any mount invocation passes. And
since the -o option is not supported, no secondary
options can be given to owfs from the fstab entry.


  • Paul Alfille

    Paul Alfille - 2006-05-08

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    Current version should work with --fuse_options="-o whatever"

  • Cheetah

    Cheetah - 2006-05-11

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    The --fuse_options arg works fine for manual invocations of
    owfs, but it is no good for a mount invocation, since mount
    always passes an -o option, at the very least -o ro or -o
    rw. Also, in a mount invocation, the only way to pass
    options is via an -o invocation.

    Thus, as owfs currently stands, it would need a special
    mount helper script that knows all of owfs' options, so it
    knows which -o items to convert to owfs args, and which to
    stuff into --fuse_options. This would be rather messy, and
    still leave owfs not working with the standard mount.fuse

    A better solution I think would be to add handling for -o to
    owfs, translating any items it recognizes as owfs long
    options to said options, and dumping other ones to fuse as
    is done with the fuse_options item now.


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