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# Summary Labels Component Severity
192 SQL Injection in pic_id parameter Peruggia High  
191 1 AWStats Medium  
190 GetBoo reflected XSS in http://owaspbwa/getboo/psearch.php GetBoo Medium  
34 CSRF to change password and e-mail CSRF Yazd Medium  
33 Lack of access controls Peruggia Medium  
32 Reflected XSS Peruggia Medium  
31 Local File Inclusion Peruggia Medium  
30 SQL Injection Login Bypass Peruggia High  
29 Directory Traversal Peruggia Medium  
28 INSERT SQL Inection OWASP Vicnum High  
27 AppSensor viewProfile lack of access control OWASP AppSensor Demo Application Medium  
26 GetBoo Email Forgotten Password SQL injection GetBoo High  
25 GetBoo Email Forgotten Password SQL injection GetBoo High  
24 GetBoo stored XSS XSS, stored, cross, site, scripting GetBoo Medium  
23 Vanilla SQL Injection OWASP Vicnum Medium  
22 Remote PHP Injection (CVE-2007-5423) TikiWiki High  
21 Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in tiki-featured_link.php (CVE-2006-5703) XSS TikiWiki Medium  
20 Directory traversal in tiki-listmovies.php (CVE-2007-6528) TikiWiki Medium  
19 XSS vulnerability in tiki-special_chars.php (CVE-2007-6526) XSS TikiWiki Medium  
18 CVE-2008-1047 XSS TikiWiki Medium  
15 Reflected XSS in http://owaspbwa/yazd/bay/account.jsp Yazd Medium  
14 Reflected XSS in http://owaspbwa/yazd/bay/post.jsp Yazd Medium  
13 Reflected XSS in http://owaspbwa/gtd-php/editList.php GTD-PHP Medium  
12 Reflected XSS in http://owaspbwa/gtd-php/editChecklist.php GTD-PHP Medium  
11 Internal Path Disclosure AWStats _Low  
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