#4 a proxy plugin that returns a configurable message/status

Rogan Dawes

It may be useful to have a plugin that returns a
configurable error code for particular URL's, possibly
matching a regex.

e.g. 404 for a particular banned site, maybe a redirect
for a specific URL (with a configurable destination), etc.

Currently the proxy plugin arch cannot easily support
this, and will need rework.


  • Rogan Dawes

    Rogan Dawes - 2003-09-09

    Logged In: YES

    proxy plugin arch should now support this. Simply return
    your reply. If the ConversationRecorder never sees the
    request or response, (i.e. it never makes it to the
    URLFetcher class) it will have nothing to return to the
    ConnectionHandler, which will then not try to submit to the

    A similar approach could be used to implement an "inline
    HTML-form based" request (and response?) editor.

  • Rogan Dawes

    Rogan Dawes - 2004-02-13
    • status: open --> closed

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