#12 Annotation of conversations

Rogan Dawes

It could be really handy to have annotation of
conversations, so that one has an idea of what was
going on when that conversation happened.

This is probably most relevant to the proxy, for
example, when clicking on a link, and having 10 or more
conversations result, it is useful to annotate the
first as the link that was clicked on, and then the
rest are "subsequent" to that click, and as a result of it.

Annotating the next "click" will then help to
reconstruct the flow of the app at a later time.

Suggestion: Use the "ANNOTATION" conversation property
to store the comment.

Create a text field below the conversation table that
is populated using this property of the selected
conversation. If 0 or many conversations are selected,
this text field becomes uneditable, otherwise,
modifications to the text field are stored as the
ANNOTATION property for the selected conversation.

It would also be really helpful if you could "annotate
in advance" for conversations that the proxy will add
to the framework.

A text field in the proxyplugin would be read and
cleared each time a conversation is fetched by the
proxy. If the text field is not empty, the text is
saved as the annotation of the conversation being

This could eventually be extended for Java 1.5 to have
a "stays on top" window (probably without any
decoration at all) that you could simply type into,
before doing an operation in your browser. i.e. with a
"Float/Capture annotation input box" button somewhere.

Speak to Rogan if this sounds like something you could do.


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