#18 Web Scarab proxy authentication



I have downloaded
webscarab-selfcontained-20060718-1904.jar and I'm using
proxy authetication.

When I try to connect, I get the 407 Proxy
Authentication response, I get the popup asking for
user and password, I take a look (intercepting request)
at the Proxy-Authorization header, and its OK (Sring
Basic + BASE64(user:pass)), but pressing OK, I get the
popup again. I've tried several times with different
URLs, closing and opening again WebScarab, but no luck.

I have also used wireshark (new ethereal) and I can see
the HTTP communication, but I can't see the user and
pass, so, I think, it's a problem with WebScarab, that
doesn't send the Proxy-Auth header.

I have used previous versions of WebScarab and auth
proxy always worked.

P.S. I use Windows XP SP2, JVM build 1.5.0_06-b05

Thanks in advance.


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