Waking up

Seems the project picks up a bit of momentum again. I started to DM a new D&D session again and I am about to re-open the code.

Yes, the code that exists at the moment needs a major re-work. I probably need to get rid of the Ontology processing as it brings way too much overhead into the computations. A better way would be to use the ontology as save/load format, but go all easy on ontologies after that.

The next thing that I'll do nex however is write a small client for in-game session consisting of some sort of chat-window with battle-grid or so. The detailed specs are still in a very early phase (just opened the UML editor and hammered 4 classes together ;) )

This tool will be a part of the ovum-suite. The purpose is mainly to simplify the visualisation of battles and make "whispering" between players and the DM a lot easier.

Obviously this means that everybody needs some sort of computational device (i.e. Laptop ;) ) With my current party that is not a problem. I am planning to take special consideration in the way this tool is implemented. A central concern is the loss of player's focus on the game. For that reason the UI will only offer most basic visualisations/operations.
For now that is:
1) Display a live map/grid
2) Offer a chat-interface

Obviously the first point is very broad and could include many advanced things (graphics and other doodads)

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-10-09

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