Developers wanted

As said in my previous post, I have a lot less free time than a couple of weeks ago. As a result I would apreciate a helping hand with this project.

Te project is written in Java, is supposed to be heavily multi-threaded and makes use of an OWL ontology.

Most important thing to do next: speed the damn thing up. Currently it uses the ontology as primary data storage. Every operation involves calls to the ontology API (Jena) which makes it all terribly slow.

I beleive that it would be enough to use the ontology as bootstrapping system and as data storage (for saving/loading). But while the program is running it should do as much as possible using conventional storage options (memory / files). This should result in a vast performance/speed increase.

Anyway. stay tuned for the sources

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-08-06

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