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Waking up

Seems the project picks up a bit of momentum again. I started to DM a new D&D session again and I am about to re-open the code.

Yes, the code that exists at the moment needs a major re-work. I probably need to get rid of the Ontology processing as it brings way too much overhead into the computations. A better way would be to use the ontology as save/load format, but go all easy on ontologies after that.... read more

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-10-09


Haha.... brilliant. I already did submit the source code.... good!

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-08-06

Developers wanted

As said in my previous post, I have a lot less free time than a couple of weeks ago. As a result I would apreciate a helping hand with this project.

Te project is written in Java, is supposed to be heavily multi-threaded and makes use of an OWL ontology.

Most important thing to do next: speed the damn thing up. Currently it uses the ontology as primary data storage. Every operation involves calls to the ontology API (Jena) which makes it all terribly slow.... read more

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-08-06

Waking up from the dead

After being finished with uni, my life has speeded up considerably. I have a lot less free time than anticipated. As I am aware that people are monitoring this project, I feel obliged to keep you all up to speed.

I am currently working on another project mainly fixing things. This takes up most of my time. This does NOT mean that I will abandon this project. I will however put the sources into sourceforge's CVS repo. I still prefer SVN, but what good is an open source project where the source is not available. If all goes well (if I don't get interrupted), I will start to upload the sources today. I will split the project into the two parts. The main source, and the libraries. As the libraries do not change that often that will make downloading it less of a pain.

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-08-06

Sources available

It's done. As it seems, all files have been successfully submitted via CVS. Although I still got a "broken pipe" in between. Let's just hope it worked.

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-06-03

Weirdness with Sourceforge

I am still trying to import the files into sourceforge. I am using SF's ViewCVS as a control if the files have arrived. Apparently some of them have already. But ViewCVS does not display them. That means all my headscratching this afternoon was not needed. Hummm.... Now I have to see if all arrived properly as I cancelled the process several times mid-way through as it looked as if it was not working. Oh well. I will get over it I guess. It only means you might have to wait a bit longer than you'd hope. I expect it to be done tomorrow.

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-06-02

Reaching final stage

Software submission is this Friday (6. May 2005). Only a couple of days to go. After that date, I should be allowed to open up the source.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-05-04

Very early screenshots now available

Don't expect much from these shots. They show the command-line interface. It currently has more debug-messages than anything else ;)

The reason I put them up? To show that there are indeed things happening with the project.

There are some bits blurred out. This is again due to the earlier mentioned problem with plagiarism. All will be released eventually. Stay tuned.

- Mich

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-03-14

University Regulations

Due to University regulations, I cannot release any files or source until the end of the academic year. Sorry.

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-03-11

University Regulations

Due to the university regulations, I cannot put anything online until the end of the academic year. Sorry.

Posted by Michel Albert 2005-03-11

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