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OVAT is back to life !

After many months planning the future of OVAT's development, the project is finally back to life !

Now OVAT is part of a bigger project, the "Halka Desktop Environment", also based on wxWidgets toolkit. Halka will allow Inkscape, CodeBlocks, FileZilla and other wxWidgets applications to become even more popular.

We are still having problems with ImageMagick on Windows, and with the build system on Linux, so if you are a programmer, we need your help.... read more

Posted by Daniel Stein 2008-04-26

OVAT reached Alpha status

I'm pleased to announce that OVAT now have some functionalities, and has now the Alpha status.

Soon we will release the first binaries.

Daniel Stein
OVAT Project Administrator

Posted by Daniel Stein 2007-09-19

Source code published on SVN

Today I published some code on SVN repository. It does nothing useful yet, but is a good starting point to develop OVAT's user interface.

When toolbar and menu items are clicked, they only show a message. Each of this messages occupies only two lines of source code, making it easy to change this lines with real code.

Another new is that the project has a new developer, who uses UNIX name "dmtmax". He works with C++ and wxWidgets on his payjob, meaning he has experience on this kind of code we are writing.... read more

Posted by Daniel Stein 2007-08-11

Project launched !!!

I'm proud to announce that OVAT project is launched !

There is no code on SVN yet, because I'm working on some things locally before releasing it. A few more days and I will post screenshots, binaries and the code. Keep checking here !

I made a simple website explaining some features of OVAT. Check it on http://ovat.sourceforge.net/


Posted by Daniel Stein 2007-06-30