JNLP type gone from the task?

  • NickDeGraeve

    NickDeGraeve - 2008-01-29

    I'm using the JNLPTask to generate the JNLP file. My JAR libraries have filenames to take advantage of the JNLPDownloadServlet without having to use a version.xml
    In version 1.3.5 of you tasks I could use the attribute jnlptype="JnlpDownloadServlet" of the jnlp-tag to create the appropriate resource tags in the descriptor.
    In version 1.3.8 I don't have that option anymore. I saw in the repository that it was lost when going from revision 52 to 57. Revision 57 adds some new functionality but the jnlptype seems to have been dropped.

    What was the reason for it?

    • Arne Plöse

      Arne Plöse - 2008-10-04

      I did not know if i implement the JnlpDownloadServlet correctly,

      so if you can provide an example I will reanable the feature.

      An different option: Switching to maven and use their jnlp plugin?



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