Unable to compute variable value

  • Manfred von Runkel


    I've runned ovaldi successfully, but i found some strange behaviors.

    On the system-characteristcs.xml file, i've found 151 ocurrences of this message:

    <object flag="error" id="oval:org.mitre.oval:obj:1070" version="3">
          <oval-sc:message>ObjectComponent::ComputeValue() - Unable to compute variable value. No items found for the specified     object_component id: oval:org.mitre.oval:obj:5169</oval-sc:message>

    The definitions file contains this oval:org.mitre.oval:obj:5169.

        <registry_object id="oval:org.mitre.oval:obj:5169" version="2" xmlns="http://oval.mitre.org/XMLSchema/oval-definitions-5#windows">
          <behaviors windows_view="32_bit"/>

    Please, let me know what is happening or if it's the normal way that ovaldi runs.

    Thank you.

    Ovaldi Version:
    Oval Definitions File: Windows 7 / Windows / Accepted
    OS: Windows 7 64bit

  • Danny Haynes

    Danny Haynes - 2012-11-08

    What is happening here is that obj:1070 is referencing value(s) in the items collected by obj:5169 using a local_variable that contains an object_component.  However, it looks like no items are being collected for obj:5169 and the object_component documentation states (see oval-def:ObjectComponentType for more information): 

    "…The referenced OVAL Object specifies a set of OVAL Items to collect. Note that an OVAL Object might identify 0, 1, or many OVAL Items on a system. If no items are found on the system then an error should be reported when determining the value of an ObjectComponentType…"

    This is actually a fairly common error condition and I would suspect it is being caused because you do not have 32-bit Outlook installed on your system.

    Hope this helps.



  • Manfred von Runkel

    Thank you Danny. I'll validate other objects and see it.

    If I find something new, i will post here.


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