Ovaldi crashes on RHEL 5.6 (x86_64)

  • Neeraj Jakhar

    Neeraj Jakhar - 2011-10-10


    ovaldi gives segmentation fault while evaluating checks. On closure scrutiny the seg fault comes from the following code:

    RunLevelProbe::_deallocateMap( ){
      SetMap::iterator iter;
      for( iter = _runlevels.begin(); iter != _runlevels.end(); iter++ ){
        RunLevelItemSet rl_set = (*iter).second;
        _runlevels.erase( iter );

    from the file src/probes/unix/RunLevelProbe.cpp.

    However, when the code is changed to:

    RunLevelProbe::_deallocateMap( ){

    the problem disappears.

    While I am yet to pinpoint the actual cause of this issue, according to my understanding there is no need to erase each item of the _runlevels map.
    Can somebody help me in understanding the following two things:

    1. Why is variable RunLevelItemSet rl_set declared and initialized when it is never used?
    2. Is there any reason why we erase each item from the _runlevels map one by one, since we are not using delete? To the best of my understanding _runlevels.clear() works just as well.

    Thanks in Advance for helping.

  • Michael Chisholm

    Yes, I fixed this in May.  The latest versions of ovaldi should not have this issue.

  • Neeraj Jakhar

    Neeraj Jakhar - 2011-10-10


    Thanks for a quick response!


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