OPT Max release 1.2.0

I've released a new version of OPT Max. As always, you can test out the
latest OPT Max version at my test site: http://www.guydavis.ca/opt/

Current users of 1.1.0 can upgrade quickly and easily through OPT's
Upgrade Manager feature. See the Admin | Upgrade menu item on your OPT

I've also placed a full tarball on the SourceForge project site for
anyone installing from scratch. Please see the README in the tarball
for directions on installing.

This version contains the following major changes:
1) Addition of an integrated CVS repository browser for software projects.
2) Ability to edit category, milestone, and priority of request
directly from the list page. (Patch from Shubhankar Bera)
3) Task changes now result in email notifications to relevant persons.
4) Task changes are now logged.
5) Fixing a bug preventing user password change by anyone but an admin.
6) Other bug fixes, minor GUI and usability improvements.

For more details please see the full change log at

All users upgrading through "UpgradeManager" are encouraged to
Update your help docs: Admin | Help menu, click
"Reload Initial Docs" to get all changes to the OPT documentation.

As always, I welcome questions or comments on OPT Max. Please make full
use of the project page at http://www.sf.net/projects/outreach/.

Guy Davis http://www.guydavis.ca

Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-19

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