#50 I can't pipe mail into mail_retrieve.pl


For some reason my host is not able to pipe mail into
mail_retrieve.pl by setting up an alias as described in
the documentation (they say they run Exim as root and
don't support aliases). I am wondering how difficult it
would be to modify mail_retrieve.pl to read mail POP3
and then run it from a cron. Any ideas would be


  • Martin Vernooij

    Martin Vernooij - 2005-10-17

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    Too bad your ISP doesn't support mail aliasses. Exim
    certainly does support aliases.

    I gues you could modify mail_retrieve.pl and replace the
    "push" to "pull" and schedule this new function with cron.
    However, you still want to sent email to an "OPT" user, so
    you have a mailbox on your system. If you can use IMAP, it
    would also be possible to poll this inbox with a new
    function. And of course, POP3 would also be possible.

    Now for active development: You can put this request on the
    OPT RFE,, but I have to say, it might stay there for a
    while. Or perhaps you can write a utility yourself, and I
    would be happy to incorporate this enhancement.

    Regards, Martin

  • Martin Vernooij

    Martin Vernooij - 2006-09-10
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    • milestone: 314199 --> OPT_1.X_(Max)

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