#49 Groups Hierarchy


I would like to see group hierarchy. We have about 200 employees
that will each be creating and maintaining projects. It would be
nice to have nested groups so rollup for supervisors, directors thru
the vp level was possible.



  • Martin Vernooij

    Martin Vernooij - 2004-11-18

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    As I'm not sure I understand you correctly, could you please
    explain where groups come into place?
    Is it at company level, so you'll have departments in
    companies? Or at project level, so projects belong to a
    department? Or is it at task level, so a director can see
    all tasks to a specific group?

    All these options can be used already by either using the
    companies part as a department structure, or using the
    standard groups (under people).
    You also have the option of using categories with tasks,
    which gives you the ability to filter tasks
    (Projects->Project Settings->Categories.

    If you could elaborate a bit on what you want, we can locate
    the right spot to create improvements. Thanks for your

    Regards, Martin

  • Frederic L. Washer

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    I did not see a companies area, will look harder. Will need departments
    of Companies, or Parent and child groups. The need is for them to
    "rollup". So, User Support is part of IT, and IT is part of Information

    I will take another look.....

  • Frederic L. Washer

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    Okay, so I go to groups to create new companies? And when I create a
    new company, a new group shows up? Intuitive?

    Still don't see how to make groups of groups, or departments in



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