#36 Milestone/Category enhancements


I've found the milestone/category support in OPT very
handy. There are only a few things missing ot make it
even more useful IMHO.

1: When setting up milestones, it would be good if the
milestones name and date also had a definition that one
could fill in. Categories would also benefit from having a
definition I believe.

2: When setting milestone on requests it would be really
nice if the milestone date was also shown, next to the
name in the dropdown, i.e. like this "MS 1 (2003-11-
28)". Also if request 1 goes in, then the definition would
be nice to see in a tooltip (not a must, but hey;).
Maybe when selecting a category the definition could
somehow also be shown?

3: In the details page for the project (the default page
when selecting a project), I would like to see a listing of
the project's defined milestones and categories (with
dates and definitions). Project members doesn't find this
kind of information elsewhere as far as I can tell. So this
would be helpful I believe.

4: I also would like to see project, milestone and
category filtering in the global todo-list. And then of
course also optionally include the milestone and
category columns. I understand that someone
appreciate ther screen-estate, so I added *optional*
inclusion of the columns.


  • Ronny Hanssen

    Ronny Hanssen - 2003-10-02

    Logged In: YES

    Regarding request #4 above:

    From looking at the view tasks page I got an idea. The
    category grouping looks so good that i thought the same
    concept could be used once more. What if the global list was
    grouped by projectname, and then with a secondary grouping
    on category? Also, on the same line as the projectname add
    a dropdown for milestones similar to the request-page (All,
    Next, Next & unset, etc.). This would also make it
    unneccesary to have the checkbox for adding the

    With this setup I could use the todo list more extensively.
    Today I find it a little bit lacking, since it shows more than I
    want in some cases (milestones that I am not currently
    working on), and it lacks categories. I use categories to
    separate different requests (Bug, Feature, Query). Seeing
    that information in this list (using groups is perfect) would
    make it a lot more practical to use in the daily work.

  • Anonymous - 2003-10-06
    • priority: 5 --> 2

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