#20 Template and noframe

Eric Pignot

I think that a major problem of OPT is the fact that OPT
uses frames. When you have a look to the biggest
websites, they almost never use frames...
the new yahoo mail interface, php.net, and so on...

They are plenty of excellent reasons for that :
- it is very hard to modify the design of the webpage
afterwords (it is not possible for instance to change the
theme of OPT)
- it is always problematic when submitting bookmarks of
a page into a frame (even if Bogdan made a nice trick to
solve this problem)
- it is much harder to control the way the design will be
shown on the browser of every visitor with frames (it is
already very hard without)...

Another point is the way HTML is incorporated in the
sources. Having a template system would allow to have
different themes and various presentations...

Just my point of view, I thought it might be usefull to
submit it !


  • David Garcia Watkins

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    When you are on a slow connection, the frames cant take
    time to load. Sometimes its confusing.

    For example:
    - click on a task but theres no edit button (the menu frame
    hasnt loaded yet)
    - select a project, click on tasks and get the tasks for another
    project (the top menu frame hasnt refreshed the tasks button

    I too, am not too fond of frames :-)


  • Ronny Hanssen

    Ronny Hanssen - 2003-08-19

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    Frames can be bad, frames can be good. It depends on the
    way they are used.

    If you have a slow internet connection then frames can
    actually help you by not downloading the same content again
    and again.

    In that sense I do not agree with frames being the problem in
    themselves. But the usage on the other hand can be an
    issue - I agree. In OPT frames are constantly in need of
    redraws, and that can be a bit frustrating. I would for
    example prefer a Javascript menu that knows its submenus
    instead of being in a frame (like I believe they are now?). The
    page-menus could be a part of the doc loaded, or -
    alternatively - they could be "known" by the same javascript
    as a third level in the menu-hierarchy. Otherwise I do believe
    that the top-graphics (logo++) are good to keep in it's own

    BTW: The reason why the top-sites doesn't use frames are
    simply because they want to be sure that their stuff can be
    viewed by "anybody", whereas OPT has a tighter target
    specification. Chances are that you can "make" your OPT
    users' organisation(s) use at least IE5.5 or similar. In most
    cases they already do, companies are normally not too far
    behind in the browser-race. But the big websites cannot do
    the same since they are targeting the general public. And the
    general public includes users sitting at home with old
    technology - without options for upgrading their computers...

    Just my $0.02...


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