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  • sANTo

    sANTo - 2007-06-06

    I was working with opt without problems until I selected the filter "Tasks due this week" in the To-Do screen.
    At that point I got an error and since then I cannot access the Overview/To-Do screen anymore.
    (see below for error details)

    The strange thing is that I can view those To-Do's (for my user account that is) with another account without any problems.
    It's just my account that returns the error.

    I already tried the following to no avail:
    - log out and back in
    - clear cookies and all other temp files in browser
    - use another browser (tried both ie6 and FF2)
    - reboot my pc
    - use another pc
    - reboot the opt server
    - delete records in active_sessions table to make sure it's not related to some corrupt session or something like that

    Any help appreciated

    Error details:

    The OPT system at issued a database error:
    The following query failed:
    select distinct(, title, priority, status, deadline, aproj, initial_estimate_seconds/3600
              from requests, request2task, task, person_task left join projects on requests.aproj =
          where ( != 0) and = request2task.request and request2task.task =
              and person_task.taskID = and person_task.personID = 7 and (FROM_UNIXTIME(EndDatePlanned) >= FROM_UNIXTIME(1180911600)) and
                     (FROM_UNIXTIME(EndDatePlanned) < DATE_ADD((FROM_UNIXTIME(1180911600)), INTERVAL 7 DAY)) order by priority asc Unknown column 'requests.aproj' in 'on clause'
    This error occured while Test User was accessing /opt/overview/ The user came here from
    OPT 1.2.7 Max
    POST variables:
        scope_filter = 2
        person = 7

    Register globals: On
    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv:
    Gecko/20070515 Firefox/

    • sANTo

      sANTo - 2007-06-06

      I fixed it by applying the patch found at

      I'm glad this fixed the problem, but I don't understand why it was only a problem for that particular user
      In case of a bad sql query I would expect the query to fail for all accounts
      Is it possible that different queries are used to get the Overview/To-Do page for a particular user,
      based on the account that's currently logged in ?

      logged in as admin -> use query1 to get To-Do's for user1
      logged in as user1 -> use query2 to get To-Do's for user1

      I can't imagine something like this is happening, but then again, it did work for the admin user and not for user1 so
      something seems to be different.


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