Post Install Problem

  • Joe

    Joe - 2005-09-01

    I've installed Opt, and everything seems to have worked without any problems.  What is happening is when you go to the site it goes straight to the BLOCKED page, without ever getting to a login page.  Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? 

    • Martin Vernooij

      Martin Vernooij - 2005-09-01

      This is useually caused because you have tried to login too many times with a wrong uid/passwd.

      Did you use the correct login credentials? Either for the demo site or the production site? The production site uses the uid / pwd you defined during the setup process.


    • Joe

      Joe - 2005-09-01

      Well thats the funny part, I don't even get to the login screen to put the uid / pwd in.

      One thing I did was run the follow so I could get to the login page "update settings set value=0 where name='login_interval';", but no luck.  Now I get the "The page cannot be displayed" message.

    • Joe

      Joe - 2005-09-02

      More information on the error.  Using Firefox, I get the following error:

      "Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the requested page. this may be caused by cookies that are blocked." 

      In IE it gives me the "Blocked!" message.  With the following in the address bar: AND ON AND ON AND ON....

      • Martin Vernooij

        Martin Vernooij - 2005-09-02

        This looks like an Apache/(mod_)rewrite issue. Do you do  anything like rewrite, either in the httpd.conf file or in a .htaccess file?

        Maybe in a .htaccess in the site main directory?


      • Mike

        Mike - 2006-02-09

        I am having the same issue. Installed OPT last night and the complete install went fine with no errors or issues. I am running a LAMP setup. I am not sure why it's doing this. I tried setting the amount of logins from an IP from 5 to 25 to test, no effect. Through Firefox, I get the redirection amount for this url has exceeded and then I get the Blocked! page. Any suggestions would be appreciated. THanks, Mike


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