hobbss2 - 2007-01-05

did the 3 installation steps.  Got no errors*  Went to my.domain.com/opt/ in firefox and it kind of freaked out and put a huge number of session ids and produced a browser error allong the lines of "Firefox detected that this page would never return and canceled the request".

url it produced was something like:


So fired up IE 7 and went to my.domain.com/opt, and it says:

You've failed logging in too many times in a row.
Please wait for 01:05:00 before trying again

So I waited for 2 mins and tried again - same error.

I have never loged in, even with admin as cant get a login page.

*ignored the cron stuff as will add that manually.  the setup could not find wget, but wget is on system ( assume apache cant access it for some reason, but guess dont need to fix this, as will run the cron as root to get round it.
*the test graph shows as a broken link. this I ignore, as the gd library is broken on the 1&1 root servers and I have not found a way to fix it. I have to live with no graphs.