MySQL 4.1 - Timestamp Quoting

Matt K
  • Matt K

    Matt K - 2005-05-27

    I can't get this product to work without changing all the .php files to quote the timestamps...

    (Exampe)  I have to change this:
    $sql="select count(*) from news
                  where chindate>$lastlog";
    $sql="select count(*) from news
                  where chindate>'$lastlog'";

    • Martin Vernooij

      Martin Vernooij - 2005-05-28

      This is true. For MySQL 4 and up, most of the SQL statements need modification. It's on the rework TODO list to change the database interface to PEAR, which will give more transparant options.

      However, time is very limited on my side, which will remain so for next couple of months. If I find some spare time, I'm working on fixing these kind of things, but it's currently not very fast.


    • Jeremy Cowgar

      Jeremy Cowgar - 2005-11-30

      Any timeframe on the MySQL 4.1 upgrades?

    • Martin Vernooij

      Martin Vernooij - 2005-11-30

      Recently I got a bunch of patches from a user Albert Perdon, which addresses this issue. However, my development box crashed (the woody/sarge upgrade didn't work for me, too many manual installed packages), and I'm currently rebuilding that one from scratch.

      However that's also not going very smoothly, because Woody perl 5.8.4 does not work nicely with CPAN, so I'm having a bad time installing the box.

      Once it's ready (hopefully within 2 weeks), I will start the work on a new minor release of OPT with several patches applied. With some luck around new years' day this could be ready.



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