php 5 support should be top priotiy.

  • hobbss2

    hobbss2 - 2007-01-05

    We only have the option of using php 5/mysql 4 as 1&1 dont offer php 4 for any of their root servers any more.

    I just tried to intsall opt and immediatly see that its not going to work, as the forms post vars arnt even being picked up.

    Ive looked at 50 or so project tools out there, and opt is by far the best and the only useable one I can see (tutos sucks).  Unless anyone else has found something?

    Supporting PHP 5 and mysql 4 is absolutely the highest priority I would have thought - otherwise there can be no new server installations (who would install an ancient version on a new server?)

    I would be happy to do some of the conversion work - out of our companies desperation for a project colboration tool.  Is anyone else willing?  It should still work on PHP 4 of course.

    • Martin Vernooij

      Martin Vernooij - 2007-01-05

      MySQL 5 porting has been done, with backwards compatibility to MySQL 4. This was a result of the 1.2.7 Max release. I have not heard any complaints yet.

      PHP5 (and register_globals) is something on the todo list for a long time. Like I said on other threads, OPT is not on my personal priority list at the moment. But if you're willing (and I assume capable) to pick-up the task, I'll be happy to give you CVS access. Whenever you're ready I can create an update release and put that online.



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