Announce: Demo site of enhanced OPT version

  • Anonymous - 2003-04-16

    Hi all,

    For the last half year or so I've been adding customizations and
    enhancements to the OPT beta source code.  This customized
    version has stuff like:
          * customizable list filters
          * search interfaces
          * mailing list archiving
          * dynamic charting and graphing
          * per-project security controls and settings (including status and
            priority fields), milestone support too
          * calendars (absences, events, deadlines)
          * full support for timesheets. 
    For the full list of changes and enhancements see my website.

    I'd really like to thank CSO Lanifex for the fantastic product that
    allowed me to concentrate on enhancements because all the hard parts of
    the app had already been written.  I'd looked everywhere for a project
    management tool and OPT was better than anything out there.  Thanks

    Anyhow, I've been in contact with Bogdan about the future of OPT.  CSO
    Lanifex is currently working on a complete rewrite of OPT to be known as
    OPT 2.0.  Since this will take a while, I am considering writing an
    upgrade path from to my customized version to allow the OPT
    community to benefit from new features while OPT 2.0 is being
    developed.  However, since this would require a fair amount of work, I
    need to know that there is interest in the community for my version
    before I devote the required time.

    That's where you come in.  If you're currently using OPT, please feel
    free to give my demo site a test drive at:


    Let me know what you think.  If I get enough positive feedback that
    there is a demand for the enhancements that my version provides, I'll
    take the time to provide an upgrade path for existing users. 

    On the other hand, if most people are happy with OPT as it is and don't
    want the new features, then I won't bother with an upgrade path.  In
    this case, I'll post a tarball of my version on my website. Then anyone
    using it will do so with the understanding that it is a side branch on
    the OPT tree that likely won't be followed up on and won't see any
    "official" project support.

    I await your feedback.  Feel free to contact me with questions or
    concerns you may have.

    • Matt Peterson

      Matt Peterson - 2003-04-21

      Very nice enhancement of OPT!  I would be very interested in taking a look at installing this for a client I am currently working with.  This would be a fresh install, so no need for upgrade path. 

    • Johannes Alfänger

      Oh, oh! Realy nice!
      I do not yet understand your permission system, but the enhancements I saw look pretty nice!

      And sure, I am interested!

      Regards - Johannes

    • Roger Pack

      Roger Pack - 2005-07-15

      at first glance seems reasonably similar to the old version of opt.


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