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oTuner is no longer in Beta!

Your one-stop instrument-tuning solution just went stable:)
I decided that since I've been using it on and off for months now without any problems, and no one's raised any bugs, I'd flag it as "Production/ Stable" instead. When I get time, I'll look at streamlining/ tidying the source a bit, and maybe adding an octave display.
Check out http://otuner.sourceforge.net to download.

Posted by code::Biscuit 2010-05-17

New version, new user interface!

I have (hopefully) fixed the issue whereby the display would flicker when tuning a quiet guitar. The application has a user interface now, with a coloured volume indicator, rather than nasty text:)
NOTE: You need to make sure the volume indicator is into the green in order to get reasonable stability on the display!
The application now runs just fine on my old iPAQ 2210, which is nice! So anything newer than that should work just fine; I will try and get a Windows CE 3.x version going if I get the chance or if there is some demand for one.

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-10-14

New version in the pipeline

Oh no, only one review and it is a thumbs down!
Well, I have addressed the "flicker" problem now, and have made a pretty new user-interface, so it no longer looks like a load of old rubbish:)
I am in the process of testing the application on various devices with various instruments at the momen - watch this space for an update soon!

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-10-13

oTuner for Windows Mobile update released

oTuner, the open source chromatic instrument/ guitar tuner for Windows and Windows Mobile has been updated. The tuner now runs without dropping buffers on my HTC TyTn II. Both the Windows and Windows Mobile version now run the same code. The windows version still seems a little better, for some reason: I am wondering if it is to do with microphone levels.
I've been having problems downloading from SourceForge from my PDA, so I have provided a direct download link at http://otuner.sourceforge.net/

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-07-27

oTuner for Windows Mobile is nearly fixed

At least I hope it is! It is not quite ready for public release yet, but I have migrated to integer-only FFT maths, which has solved the performance issues. I just need to massage the output a little, and fix a bug that is making it fall over:/
I'll put up a proper release when it is ready, and update http://otuner.sourceforge.net accordingly.

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-07-27

oTuner is alive, mostly:/

Apparently the Windows Mobile version is in a slow-zombie-state. It "runs", at a shamble (usable, but not so great). I am stepping up my efforts to make the lag and bodges for Windows Mobile go away. Watch this space!

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-07-22

oTuner is Alive!

I am happy to report the first public release of oTuner, the open source chromatic tuner for Windows and Windows Mobile! It is still in beta (i.e., "it works for me", I use it most days on my HTC TyTn II), mainly in order to allow google to discover it while I finish it up. I hope you enjoy using it!
gl, hf

Posted by code::Biscuit 2009-07-20

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