Icecast authentication issues

  • Zinger

    Zinger - 2003-08-01

    I have icecast successfully working with ices, but when I try to get otto to connect, I get this error message:

    INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source (/) attempted to login with invalid or missing password

    I was thinking it might have something to do with authentication type, any ideas?

    • nunyo dambidness

      I'd like to see an answer to this as well.  I have the same issue with my installation.

    • Heino Walther

      Heino Walther - 2004-04-09

      I also get this error, I even tries with the shoutcast server, which also doesn't work...

      Have anyonw solved this one yet ?

    • lka

      lka - 2004-07-29

      I've solved this problem with a change in /usr/local/otto/lib/Otto/

      sub new
      # conf
          my $type = shift;
          my %p = @_;

          print STDERR "Otto::Shout->new\n" if $p{conf}->debug;

          my $self = {};

      #    my $connection = Shout->new
      #       (ip          => $p{conf}->IcecastHost,
      #        port        => $p{conf}->IcecastPort,
      #        mount       => $p{conf}->IcecastMountPoint,
      #        password    => $p{conf}->IcecastPassword,
      #        name        => $p{conf}->ShortName,
      #        description => $p{conf}->Description,
      #        url         => $p{conf}->IcecastURL,
      #        bitrate     => $p{conf}->IcecastKbps,
      #        icy_compat  => 0,
      #        ispublic    => 0) || die;
        my $connection = new Shout;

        # setup all the params
        $connection->set_audio_info(SHOUT_AI_BITRATE => $p{conf}->IcecastKbps, SHOUT_AI_SAMPLERATE => 44100);

          $connection->genre($p{conf}->IcecastGenre) if $p{conf}->IcecastGenre;

      best regards

      • WOLfgang Schricker

        Hello from Bamberg, Germany,
        my 'channel_1.log' shows this line
        No such Shout constant 'SHOUT_FORMAT_MP3' at /opt/otto/lib/Otto/ line 62

        Can you help my?

      • Stefan Schlörholz


        I have the same problem with the failed login.

        I tried your uggestion of changes to the Here's my output after "otto start":

        computer # Global symbol "$connection" requires explicitpackage name at /usr/local/otto/lib/Otto/ line 49.
        Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/otto/lib/Otto/ line 71.

        Thanks for your help

    • Rick Parker

      Rick Parker - 2004-08-20

      Thanks Lka, this worked for me.
      At first tried it, and it didn't, then realized I didn't have thread enable in perl so libshout was messed up.  I recompiled libshout without threads and then your changes worked for me.

    • Stefan Schlörholz


      I have issues with icecast therefor I am interested in the scripts.

      How did you manage to get icecast working with mp3 files. I get login failures from otto.


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