Shows directory listing when browsing site

  • stathis_ef

    stathis_ef - 2004-04-15


    when i load the site in the browser it shows the directory listing of /usr/local/otto/www. I am using Redhat 9. 



    • c flores

      c flores - 2004-04-27

      What do the httpd logs say?  This happens to me when I rebuild the MySQL database and forget to restart otto.

    • Zhynn

      Zhynn - 2004-04-27

      I was having this problem as well and fixed it by updating  my otto section of httpd.conf from:
      <Location /otto/otto.cgi>
         SetHandler perl-script
         PerlHandler Otto::ModPerl


      <Location /otto/otto.cgi>
         SetHandler perl-script
      #   PerlHandler Otto::ModPerl
         PerlHandler Apache::Registry
         PerlSendHeader On

      i don't know if the sendheaders was necessary, i was failing to get it to work. 

      • Kevin

        Kevin - 2004-08-29

        I'm getting a "[error] [client] Directory index forbidden by rule: /var/www/html/otto/" from the error log and a "You don't have permission to access /otto/ on this server." in the browser.

        Does the httpd.conf file need to be edited in some way.

    • Rick Parker

      Rick Parker - 2004-09-04

      Myabe try putting this into your httpd.conf file?
      Or whatever location you link otto to with the symlink.

      <Location /otto>
          options +ExecCGI
          addhandler cgi-script cgi
          DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi otto.cgi

    • snuffit

      snuffit - 2004-09-05

      I am having this problem allready... I think there is a bad entry in the httpd.conf. I tried the examples from above but the problem still exists. :(
      my system
      Apache 1.3x
      PHP 4.x
      MYSQL 1.3x
      SuSE Linux 7.2
      my entry for otto 2.0 in httpd.conf:

      Alias /otto/ /usr/local/otto/www
      <Location /otto>
          Options +ExecCGI
          AddHandler cgi-script cgi
          DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi otto.cgi
          Order allow,deny
          Allow from all



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