Anyone working on this project?

  • Mikker Gimenez

    Mikker Gimenez - 2004-09-23

    I was thinking about doing some work on Otto, and I was wondering what other people may have done with it, specifically patches for 2.0 since most of the patches are for 1.0.  I was thinking of doing most of the regular stuff, genres, album covers, etc. et al. but I was also going to make the streaming feature more robust.  My idea is to make a radio station frontend.  Some of my ideas are basically Timeslot playlists, where you can select a timeslot (say 1-3PM on Thursday) and either A.  tell it to randomly select from a genre/group of artsts at that time, or B.  Play a predetermined Playlist, or C.  Stop playing in preperation for some kind of "live radio broadcast" that may be coming.  These Playlists could be named, based on the genre/timeslot they represent and A Calender could be viewed by the guests.  Also, I was thinking of integration with phpnuke, or phpbb for creation of a community.  So, if anyone has any input, or any code, it'd be much appreciated

    • Olle Johansson

      Olle Johansson - 2004-10-14

      I've written quite a few changes for v1.0 and I'd like to have them updated for v2.0, but since the code is so different I would probably have to rewrite them completely. Because of this I haven't done any updates lately. I'd really like to have all those changes in v2 though as it feels a bit crippled at the moment.

      Many of your ideas are things that I've been thinking of as well, it would make a very nice system.

      The things I'd like to have in the immediate future are a bit simpler though. I'd like more control over the current playlist, like moving a song to the top of the list, and being able to have a working trash list so that songs in the trash aren't randomized. Also, being able to put all songs from an artist in the playlist would be nice. These are things that I had working in v1 that I really miss.

      The only changes I've made for v2 is a small update for the loader to work better with my music library and a system that opens up IP for icecast for those users that are logged in. Neither of which I think is very interesting to others, which is why I haven't bothered to publish them.

      I'd really like to help with some coding, but as always my schedule is swamped with things to do, and my perl abilities are a bit rusty. If there would be a working cvs for the development and something happened on it I might be spurred to do some work though.

    • Constantinos Michael

      Its a shame it's been frozen for two years now because its such a great project. I've done some work that includes filters for the random playlist (and some playlist selection modifications to work more smoothly with MySQL.) I also did an extension to show lyrics (and in fact have a web agent that fetches them from "a general search engine") I am quite sure I still have these plugins, and I'd gladly put them up.

      Is Jon not working on the project anymore?

      Constantinos Michael

    • neil verplank

      neil verplank - 2005-01-28

      I'll imagine you've seen this, but in the main forum, we've started a discussion about working on this - I've done a mountain of work on a new release or fork, and there seems to be interest.  Check out the post "New Otto Project?"  and see the work at:



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