use mose than 1 sound-card

  • Rainer

    Rainer - 2004-08-15


    my "otto" runs perfectly. I use SuSE 9.1 and it runs with 7 sound-cards (1 onboard, 6 PCI).
    But I couldnt find out how to use more than 1 sound-card with otto at once (I get mpg123 to work with a 7 cards in 7 shells simultaneously without any problems).


    • Jason Harris

      Jason Harris - 2004-08-23

      Hi Rainer,

      I was able to change two lines to get mine to work.  I have only 3 sounds cards, but I think it should work on yours.  

      In the $OTTODIR/lib/Otto/ file, in the last subroutine (sub play),  there is a line like this:

             exec($mpg123exe, $p{file});

      Replace that line with this:

              exec(split(/\s+/, $mpg123exe), $p{file});

      Now in the otto.conf file, define more channels:

      <Channel 1>
          ChannelType mpg123
          Mpg123 /usr/bin/mpg123 -a /dev/dsp

      <Channel 2>
          ChannelType mpg123
          Mpg123 /usr/bin/mpg123 -a /dev/dsp2


      I don't know the name of your devices,  so your switch options might be slightly different.

      The HTML interface only shows Channel #1; I haven't figured out a clean, easy way to showall.



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